In addition to the fundamental tax, legal and structural conditions, we explain the national, positional and risk differences of real estate investments and their value increasing opportunities. Other services include:

  • Individual advice on finding the right real estate
  • Explanation of different markets, asset classes and positions
  • Sourcing the suitable property
  • Examination of all relevant issues, such as:

Law, tax issues, land register, public easements, building law, provision of services, buildings, land, construction quality, contaminated land, structural circumstances, insurances, building efficiency, alternative use capacity, lease contracts/tenancy law, maintenance backlog, value potential, purchase price, etc.

  • Tax optimisation
  • Financial structuring
  • Corporate structuring
  • Purchase contract negotiation
  • Purchase contract conclusion

A team of multilingual specialists is also on hand for all processing tasks.

After Sales

After acquisition, ACG shall manage the real estate on request in order to create corresponding added value through active asset management and, if necessary, to maximise the profit on sales at the suitable time.