Company profile

ASCARD Capital has specialised in three business areas in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland and European capital cities:

  • Individual real estate investments of ASCARD Capital Group.
  • Complete service for institutional real estate Investors, family offices and high net worth private investors.

  • Co-investments with financial and real estate partners.

Individual investments
ACG is a company that specialises in the acquisition and active management of residential and commercial real estate in German-speaking countries and major European cities. Investments are made in standing real estate and project developments.

Services for investors
In addition, ACG offers complete service packages for private and institutional investors. This includes, amongst other things, advice, sourcing and acquisition of suitable real estate, asset and portfolio management and sales of residential and commercial real estate, financing and inventory optimisation, refurbishments, tax and corporate issues, tenancy law, building law, contract arrangement, implementation of project developments, analysis of individual problems, etc.

Joint ventures, joint property purchases and project developments in various shareholding relationships are also implemented with financial and real estate investors.

Investment partners

We work together with opportunistic financial investors, strategic investors and long-term oriented private and institutional investors.

The preferred volumes for investment projects are around 30 to 400 million Euros per individual investment.