Individually Built Investments

ASCARD Capital Group is a real estate investment company. The company invests its own capital and offers comprehensive real estate services and co-investments to high net worth private and institutional investors.

Individual investments

ACG is a company that specialises in the acquisition and value-adding management of commercial real estate with an individual volume of 10 to 70 million Euros in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and European capital cities.

One focus is the investment of hotel properties, which are located in touristic and commercial strategic locations. Also, the repositioning of low-income hotel properties. This is enabled by the company expertise in the identification, acquisition and repositioning of hotel real estate.


At ASCARD Capital Group, we offer a complete service package for private and institutional investors. From real estate procurement and analysis (law, tax, financing, legal form, structural qualities, potentials etc.) to continuous value-adding asset management and individual problem solutions, and all the way to the point of sale, we create the corresponding added value for the investor. Investments are targeted at projects with individual volumes up to approximately EUR 400 million. We work together with opportunistic financial investors, strategic investors and long-term oriented private and institutional investors.


The collaboration with project partners in various shareholding relationships enables the optimal allocation of know-how and capital employed. Furthermore, this is a clear commitment of ACG with regard to participation in potential risks.

This provides the opportunity for financial investors to benefit from ACG’s know-how in relation to the various investment opportunities of standing investments, project developments, potential real estate and refurbishments and to invest in various risk and return classes in Europe.

How ACG distinguishes itself


ACG has specialised in three business areas while maintaining the highest possible level of flexibility. Thus, there is a focus on individual investments, advice for institutional and private companies and co-investments with partners. Furthermore, ACG concentrates on the German-speaking investment regions Germany, Austria, Switzerland and European capital cities.

The existing know-how enables ACG to invest in a wide range of asset classes: office buildings, specialist shopping centres, shopping centres, high street retail, logistics real estate, student dormitories, retirement homes.

A special focus is on hotel real estate. Due to our many years of experience, we are also able to implement core, core-plus, value-added and opportunistic strategies.

Investment Advice

This is where we stand out from consultants and brokers, as we are not only an advisor but also an active real estate investor. Thus, we know the real estate markets, market conditions and key players very well and we are therefore able to achieve the best results. Furthermore, we are prepared to act as a co-investor in various shareholding relationships and thus share potential risks.

Experts are on hand to support foreign investors, who have the multicultural and complex professional competence to guarantee the best possible real estate investments.

Thomas Hetz – Director ASCARD Capital Group

Why ASCARD Capital?
Thomas Hetz: The work in large groups was very diverse, informative and opened many doors. However, in the meantime, the economic framework parameters have changed considerably. Banks, institutional companies and large groups are being increasingly regulated, by the government too. This often leads to long decision-making processes and slow operational processes.

This results in a wide range of investment opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunities for smaller real estate companies with faster decision implementation.

We can now use these opportunities and correspondingly achieve added value faster for all parties involved.

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Thomas Hetz - CEO ASCARD Capital Group

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